Institute for Biological Control

Tasks and Fields of Work

The institute deals with all basic and practical aspects of biological control. Research is being performed on the use of natural antagonists for an environmentally friendly control of arthropod pests and diseases in agriculture and forestry.This includes the use of parasitic and predatory arthropods, as well as micro-organisms and viruses.

Main Fields of Work

Ecology of pest organisms and their natural antagonists

Biological control of arthropod pests with predators and parasites

Biological control of arthropod pests with viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other micro-organisms

Biological control of plant diseases

Use of plant extracts for crop protection against diseases and pests

Acquired resistance of plants against diseases

Julius Kühn-Institut
Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants
Institute for Biological Control
Heinrichstraße 243
64287 Darmstadt

Secretary: Ms. Sylvia Adamek / Ms. Susanne Ganzer
Telephone: +49 (61 51) 4 07-2 30
Fax: +49 (61 51) 4 07-2 90
E-Mail: bi jki

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