Database on Arthropod Diseases
[R.G. Kleespies, A.M. Huger and G. Zimmermann]
The following database is a compilation, representing the results of 55 years of diagnostic research on all kind of dead and diseased arthropods. These diagnoses were conducted at the Institute for Biological Control, Darmstadt, belonging to the Federal Biological Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry (BBA) that became part of the Julius Kühn-Institute at 01.01.2008. For taxonomic identification of arthropod pathogens, the following colleagues of the Institute were responsible:
  • E. Müller-Kögler [fungi: 1953 - 1974]
  • A. Krieg [bacteria, rickettsiae, viruses: 1954-1989]
  • A. M. Huger [viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae, microsporidia, protists: 1957-1991]
  • G. Zimmermann [fungi: 1974-2005]
  • B. Keller [bacteria: 1989-1999]
  • R. G. Kleespies [viruses, bacteria, rickettsiae, microsporidia, protists: since 1991]

More than 1900 accessions comprising many thousands of dead or diseased specimens were examined and the causative agents diagnosed. The arthropod-pathogenic organisms belong to the group of viruses, bacteria including rickettsiae, fungi including microsporidia, protists, and nematodes. The database comprises about 450 arthropod species, mainly insects, from 21 different arthropod orders, the diagnosed arthropod pathogens, and the origin of the accession. All scientific species and genus names of arthropods and pathogens are up-to-date, while important synonyms are also mentioned.

The database will be updated consecutively.

[Use Policy]
All are welcome to use the data of this database for noncommercial research purposes. If data are used, please use this format for citing the database:
Kleespies, R. G., Huger, A. M., and Zimmermann, G. (2008): Database on arthropod diseases.

For questions and helpful suggestions please contact:

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