If you have problems with arthropod rearings or if you find diseased or suspicious arthropods in the field, you can send them directly to our laboratory under the following address:

Dr. Regina G. Kleespies
Julius Kühn-Institut
Institute for Biological Control
Heinrichstraße 243
64287 Darmstadt
Tel.: +49 61 51 / 4 07-2 26
Fax: +49 61 51 / 4 07-2 90
E-mail: Regina Kleespies
For our information, please add the following data to your shipment:

Sender's address - Institute
Common and scientific name of the arthropods
State and number of arthropods
Signs and symptoms observed
Place were the arthropods were found
Date of collection
Host plant of the arthropods
Treatments with pesticides or other control measures
Remarks on the occurrence and frequency of the diseased arthropods
Mortality figures

or please fill in this >Form< and send it to us attached to your shipment

[For shipment, please use stable plastic boxes closed with a perforated cover, or stable vials plugged with cotton, if possible]






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